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Every act of generosity makes a direct impact. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic our work continues to grow exponentially.

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Every act of generosity makes a direct impact. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic our work continues to grow exponentially.

Together we can make difference!

This is Sergio, born to a very humble family far in the northern part of our region of Opatoro. Sergio is now 3 years old and was born with club feet, a congenital malformation that is more common in developing countries with no access to healthcare. Babies should be treated by casting at birth when the bones are still pliable and can be corrected more easily. There are no hospitals in our region so treatment is often forgone for lack of resources. We were able to help Sergio's parents to get him his casts once we were made aware of his need. Due to the pandemic, it was a big challenge to stay on top of the sequence of casting as Sergio grew. Working together with our rural colleagues and our medical director, we were able to provide the care he needed over the past three years and today he's walking. Watch the video below to the end, to hear Sergio's laughter and delight as he explores his new abilities!

We created CHP-Honduras to facilitate a collaborative and community-based model of healthcare delivery with an arc of sustainability. Our model incorporates the highest level of medical and dental care delivered in concert with local practitioners and the rural healthcare system. We work with scores of the best physicians and dentists in Honduras to support their rural counterparts who lack resources. Through our many partnerships, those resources are delivered to the hands that can provide care.
Village advocates ("Voluntarios") share knowledge of their villages and in turn, we provide health care education for them to share with their communities. Education and prevention are key components of all of our programs. We strive to create alliances with existing and international resources toward a continuum of care and education.
Our steadfast rule is to remain open to growth and to expand our partnerships, maximizing our potential to do good work together.

Impact statistics

Dental programs: CHPH provides the resources for the 5 rural dentists serving 4 sprawling indigenous regions in La Paz to offer dental health care and prevention for all the children through a program with each school in these regions. We began the first fluoride program and implemented the first prevention programs, now adopted by the regions with our continued support. This fall, we provided all of the supplies necessary for the five rural dentists to provide prevention and treatment to all of the school children in their respective regions. It is our goal to continue this program on a regular schedule.

Prenatal Vitamins: CHPH partners with Vitamin Angels and the regional health care system to provide prenatal vitamins for every woman who needs them throughout 154 villages every year. Our program is in its eighth year and its impact on the health of mothers and babies has quantifiably made a difference. This grant is only possible through the hard work of each rural clinic and their health promoters who track the dispensing and inventory of each vitamin to fulfill our grant requirements. It is an exemplary example of our work together and the dedication of each of us to a better future for Honduras.

Surgical Program: CHPH coordinates pre and post-op care and logistics for children and adults needing surgeries or therapeutic interventions in regions where there are no hospitals. Through the dedicated work of our medical director and other Honduran physicians volunteering with us and through our many affiliations, we have been able to help dozens of families with special needs. As one example, many children born with club feet are now walking and able to contribute to their families instead of requiring constant care by families struggling in subsistence living communities where every set of hands is needed to contribute. Through our affiliations with local organizations, we have been able to coordinate cancer treatments for children, offer surgeries, mental health care, and education and support for autistic children.

Eye Health Programs: Our partnerships with other NGOs and Honduran affiliates give us the opportunity to offer eye health care, including eye surgery. We maintain a prevention program with our community volunteers to educate the communities about eye disease which is extremely prevalent in the population. Soon, we will be offering eye health services with two of our local partners by bringing a "brigade" to serve at least 100 patients in our communities.

Resources and Partnerships during Covid: During the first two years of the pandemic and subsequent to two devastating hurricanes affecting Honduras, we sent $8 million worth of medicine, PPE, orthopedic, and dental equipment through the generosity of our partners. Working with USAID, the DOD, and our partners with ACTS Honduras we sent 6000 lbs of medical and dental equipment and supplies last year. CHPH continued our programs supporting special needs patients and their families, always one of our most important priorities.

Solar Lamp Program: CHPH has distributed nearly 3000 solar lamps to many segments of the population in a number of departments ("states') throughout Honduras. This was made possible by generous grants from Unite to Light and Luke's Lights and facilitated through our local coordinator and many partners on the ground.

Families enduring forced separation: We work very closely with Together and Free to support Honduran families who have suffered greatly from the forced separation of their children as we work together to provide opportunities for reunification. Our role is within Honduras, on behalf of family members waiting to be reunited. Through our local coordinator, we are able to provide logistical support, medical and psychiatric intervention, and to navigate these families through a maze of hoops in order to reunite them with their children. Together and Free covers all costs, but our contributions are critical and only possible through the dedication of our coordinator, our Honduran physicians, and our local partners.

Local Surgical Initiative: Currently, we have about thirty patients on our list for surgeries and medical interventions. Through a surgical program started by our medical director, Dr. Marco Corea, most of those patients will be treated in Comayagua at the Hospital de Valle. Dr. Corea initiated a surgical program with this hospital, allowing us to bring one patient a month, gratis. Others will be treated through our partnership with One World Surgery, one of our most important partners. These surgeries can be very complicated or very simple, but make an enormous impact on our patients. We recently sent an 8-year-old boy for surgery to have his frenulum cut (his tongue was tethered, or as they used to say- he was "tongue-tied". Edwin was having trouble with his speech and through this intervention and speech therapy that we are arranging, he'll be "rolling his R's" in no time!

Orthopedic Program: Wheelchairs, crutches, and other orthopedic equipment are in short supply and extremely expensive in Honduras. We are working with families through our local coordinators to provide this critical equipment for children and adults who need them and also, to provide funds for transportation so they can receive physical therapy through another of our partners, Fundacion de Asistencia a Los Discapacitados. The foundation is providing free therapies and CHPH provides transportation and logistical expenses.